corporate communications
Sometimes all you need is compelling copy. Writing for your website, newsletters, brochures, or corporate messaging add flair to your business when we match your image with a signature voice.

writing for media
Writing for the media requires savvy news judgement to showcase what media find newsworthy. Studio Seven PR can produce everything from media releases and press kits to biographies that voice our clients most compelling tales. We freshen your presence by introducing new story angles for existing product lines or keep media up-to-date about smaller developments within a brand.

media lists and dissemination
Studio Seven PR works with each client to make sure that the media messaging is unique and engaging. Once we have the angle, the agency can develop custom media lists for distribution to ensure that targeted key media are receiving the news. We will also take care of follow-up, monitoring of media coverage and reporting of results.

media pitching and liaison
In an increasingly competitive media environment, outlets are looking for “exclusives” and not just the same story as everyone else. Cultivating strong relationships with the media is what we do well…building on professionalism, accuracy and timeliness, we create partnerships that give your brand visibility. Through these ties, Studio Seven can position your brand to receive positive coverage at the right moment.

launches, special events, media hosting
From twinkling lights to sword swallowers, valet parking to vespas, board room receptions to winery cave dinners, we create the event that captures your message. Product launches, restaurant openings and large scale events are part of our repertoire. But so are personally hosted dinners, tailored events for selective groups of top tier media and exclusive media interviews.

social media web design and related partnerships
Today, media coverage is only part of the picture. Social media and internet marketing has changed everything. Your presence in all realms must be considered. In an effort to build a strong message platform, we have a team of social media and design consultants to help create your look and message. Our rolodex is yours.